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Marketing with a small budget day

16th of May 2019


ABC of Influencer marketing


10.00 – 12.00

Tallinn Art Space, T1

Are you looking for recommenders on social media(Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)? You’re not quite sure how and where to start? Do you want to know how to find just the right influencers? Want to know how to motivate and turn them into a fan of your brand? Come and listen to experts who work with thousands of influencers on a daily basis!

“Stories from Russia: ideas, process and results”

Evgeniya Salomatina (RUS)

Senior Account Manager – Nectarin

Evgeniya has five years of experience in the digital advertising sphere and is a specialist in the field of promotion. She is also the author and a blogger of a Telegram channel about leisure in Moscow.

“How to build influencer community”

Sandra Raju (EST)

Consultant – Akkadian

Sandra is convinced that being sturdy on social media is something you can’t really learn at school but a skill you acquire by experimenting. Working with Nike has given her an overview of how powerful can Instagram be but also what are the threats surrounding it. Her love for Instagram has grown out of personal interest and (let’s be honest…) heavy usage of the platform – both as a marketer and an influencer working with big brands like Nike and Sportland. She is currently spreading the knowledge as a social media consultant through message agency, Akkadian. 

With her session, she will give you a brief overview of who are those magical creatures called influencers and what marketers need to do to find The Keepers.

Marketing with a non-existent budget


13.00 – 15.00

Tallinn Art Space, T1

During the recession, marketing budget will be the first one you’re planning to cut? Have you been searching for a while how to grow your brand’s popularity with minimal funding? You’re wondering how and where to find creative ideas? Are there ways to make influencers and clients market you free willingly without any commission? Come and listen to how understanding your partners and thinking outside of the box will help you on a road to bigger sales at a lower cost. 

“How to stay relevant with a low budget”

Dariya Basharina (RUS)

Consultant – B-612 Marketing Consulting

Dariya is an independent marketing consultant with 8 years of marketing 360 with core experience in retail. She has opened 11 Hamleys Toystores and 4 Disney Toystores in Russia. Dariya is also the founder of a closed marketing community for executive marketing managers with 140 participants.

“How instead of money I put myself in the product”

Andre Sevastjanov (EST)

Marketing Director – Maris Gilden

Andre has 8 years of experience in small entrepreneurship and marketing with a limited budget. He has a special interest in how to convert products extra value into real sales.

Annely Allik (EST)

Marketing and Communications Manager – Institute of Genomics, University of Tartu

For the past 11 years, Annely has been responsible for PR and communications at the Estonian Biobank. Science communication is her main priority and that’s why Annely is the communication and marketing wizard behind the “Let’s give Estonia 100 000 gene donors” project. The projects’ goal is to prevent chronical diseases by developing personal medicine with the genes given as a gift. The main goal was accomplished with less than 9 months and the project is continuing this year. 

Annely’s previous marketing experiences have been in Toyota Motors and G4S. She has also presented Estonian Biobank at Lions Health in Cannes and she was a member of the Marketing and Media Committee of the Euro Science Open Forum 2018.

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