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Innovation day

17th of May 2019


Growth hacking seminar


10.00 – 12.00

Tallinn Art Space, T1

Do you want to test before you invest in your product? You don’t care what other people think? Do you want to accomplish measurable results with every campaign? You’ve heard that the latest trend is growth hacking but you have no clue how to put it into practice? Growth hacking seminar gives you the support and knowledge to surprise your superiors with a leap of growth. 

“Starting to grow”

Meelis Malk (EST)

Founder – A-Neli agency

Meelis is the founder of A-Neli, the first growth hacking agency in Estonia. He is a business growth hacker and a search engine optimizer.

“A Proven 5 Step Framework for Sales & Marketing in the Nordics and Baltics “

Tanja Piha (FIN)

Growth booster – Fondia

Tanja is disrupting the legal industry as a growth booster at Fondia. She has a long track record in developing brands and creating growth with modern sales and marketing in the Baltics and Nordics. Her previous employers have been Finnair, Stockmann, Nokia, Fujitsu and Telia. Tanjas range of expertise includes growth, sales, marketing, leadership and new business models about which she has been a speaker at various events.

Growth hacking workshop


13.00 – 15.00

Tallinn Art Space, T1

Growth hacking workshop is a 2-hour masterclass that gives you the proper tools you need to grow your business successfully. The workshop contains case studies of companies that use this methodology and tools to come up with better experiments. You will get a clear understanding of how to plan growth hacking and through that accomplish overall business growth and success. 

Yannick Khayati (BEL)

CEO – The Growth Revolution

Yannick is the founder of The Growth Revolution, a global one-stop-shop for growth solutions. He breathes experimentation and translates this to both his personal and work life. After working as a growth professional in many scaleups and corporates for five years, he started focusing on rapid experimentation across different company departments like marketing, human resources and product. 

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