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Additional events

14. – 16th of May 2019

14th of May

Book release


18.00 – 19.30

Rahva Raamat, Viru Center

Tallinn Marketing Week is proud to announce a free event for all book lovers who are interested in neuroscience and how it can interact with other fields of work. 

“Neuroscience for leaders: A Brain Adaptive Leadership Approach” is a book for leaders who want to amend their competence through productivity and changing old and useless habits. The book is based on in-depth neuroscience, psychology and behavioral economics.

“Advanced Marketing Management: Principles, Skills and Tools” throws old traditions out the window to make room for innovative thinking. The book is full of modern examples of different organizations and pedagogical knowledge.

Both books are available for purchase in a limited quantity during 14.-28th of May in Viru Center Rahva Raamat.

Nikolaos Dimitriadis (GRC)

Nikolaos is an award-winning communications professional, educator and consultant. He is the author of the books “Neuroscience for Leaders: A Brain Adaptive Leadership Approach” and “Advanced Marketing Management: Principles, Skills and Tools.” He has worked with international brands like IKEA, IBM, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pierre Fabre, Raiffeisen Bank etc. He is the CEO of Trizma Neuro and the Regional Director of The University of Sheffield International Faculty. Nikolaos is a strong advocate of brain-based solutions to business challenges.

16th of May

Art seminar


16.00 – 18.00

Tallinn Art Space, T1

Estonia is internationally well known for its technological solutions but now its time to introduce our nationality through art. We would like to invite all art lovers to come and listen for free how to invest in art, what is our culture and image in the world and why Estonias oil is its art.

Please register your participation!

Jaak Visnap (EST)

Jaak is an artist who besides creativity has the urge to engage as an art dealer and gallery owner. He believes that it’s important to distribute living artist works. Buying and giving feedback to the art of the living is the input missing from the creative industry. Jaak leads the Estonian Lithography Center and Tallinn Art Space gallery which both are independently funded.

Riivo Anton (EST)

Riivo is an entrepreneur and an investor. He is the founder of United Angels VC risk capital and an international consulting firm Civitta. He is an art lover, collector and advocate. Riivo is also the creator of Estonias Art Index used to be aware of general art market trends and prices.

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